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"did you eat?" all smashed up into one word. prety cool huh?

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"no, djoo?"
interrogative statement "did you eat" elegantly compacted by NYC metro speakers to "djeet", pronounced "jeet" with a swallowed "d" at the beginning. c.f. "djoo", an interrogative reply "did you"
by WEEZEL February 26, 2003
men in speedos
those guys are grape smugglers
by WEEZEL February 15, 2003
any female students room at fort beloir
"yo G-money, lets roll to the belvoir brothel tonight, fo'shizzle
by WEEZEL March 24, 2003
when your twinkie gets all squashed and stuff.
awww man... skwinkie!!!
by WEEZEL February 15, 2003
the alias of "bob the boot," but not the replacing title.
"...you remember sugarbo right?"
"you dont?!"
"...oh thats right, bob the boot!"
by WEEZEL August 02, 2004
that cool guy richard
man..urd is the coolest!!!
by WEEZEL February 14, 2003
to take a really massive shit
...uh oh, man i gotta sasquatch!!!
by WEEZEL February 14, 2003
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