A type of female that is everywhere, unlike the Sasquatch. A giant love filled clique which is completely void of boys, except for the odd gay or oddball. They are generally friends with hipsters and avoid slags due to disgust. Makes up about half of the female school population. They almost never have boyfriends although by the time they're twenty they will be extremely attractive.
Sidney:So what are Sasquatches?

Ben:See that large group of girls over their.


Ben: Them
by Triangle-maker December 23, 2012
An ugly woman. Usually seen in a group of good looking women and stands out because of her ugliness. Notorious for cock-blocking and ruining fun activities.
Made famous by comedian DeRay Davis standup "Power Play"
"In every group of women there is always that ugly one who ruins everything.. the sasquatch"
by MackAL August 26, 2012
The act of quickly driving away from a person who is attempting to open the door to get in your car.
Kevin-Dude, call Maddie, I wanna sasquatch her so bad

by smalltitsbigtitsniggatitspinea January 09, 2012
guy1: that speaker was very sasquatch

guy2: yea.
by daltonrsprink December 10, 2011
A female that hits on another girl's man
"That sasquatch better check herself before I beat her ass"

"She hit on my man; she's such a fucking sasquatch"
by Conservative Dancer September 24, 2011
A female with excessive pubic hair. Pronounced with 'a' short, this is a cross between Sasquatch and Snatch.
Did you see the featured performer at the strip club last night? She was rocking a serious Sasqu-atch.
by apwooka February 25, 2011
A term used to refer to a person of large stature, extremely large hands and feet, and an excessive amount of hair.
Christine is a sasquatch!
by micibus maximus May 20, 2010

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