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A shaved male pubic area.
"I'm not lighting my balls on fire! I'll end up with a schick dick!"
by Zacharias October 28, 2004
1)The language spoken by gay people.
2)The definition of one's sexuality.
1) " Jake is fluent in faggish"
2) " sorry, I don't speak faggish"
by Zacharias October 28, 2004
A synoym for dumbass.
" And then he told the cop to go fuck himself, what a fuckin' dibshit"
by Zacharias October 28, 2004
A code word used by high school students in the toronto canada area meaning excesive sack sweat.
" I got so much fuckin sasquatch its soaking through my pants."
by Zacharias October 28, 2004
A form of elaborate execution in which someone shits inside the victims mouth and forces him to swallow it.
I shit in his mouth and he swallowed that bitch. He died the next day.
by Zacharias October 28, 2004
A smile that is directed at chilldren with sexual intention or just a really creepy smile.
that dude just pedosmiled at me.
by Zacharias July 30, 2005
to touch someone about the bosom area
Hey dude stop mexing me, that sh*t is gay.
by zacharias April 18, 2004

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