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8 definitions by JP$

Good Enough to bang after a few beers
So what do you think of her?
well, She's average.
So Would you do her?
Well, if I was drunk and I never had to talk to her again.
by JP$ September 30, 2003
262 189
A person of high power in an educator position who finds pleasure in suspending young students for doing absolutely nothing and completing their homework.
In a day of school shootings and sodomy initiations, I'm glad my school administrator's are keeping me safe from dangerous slogans and images
by JP$ September 30, 2003
47 19
Refers to any piece of ass that is new to you, does not necessarily mean fresh in terms of quality, hygiene, weight, or looks.
"there's some fresh tail for you"
"dude, she's fat"
by JP$ December 13, 2004
9 3
Sexual Intercourse, usually after a long term relationship break-up, where the male settles for any pussy that he can get without wasting time, energy, emotion, or contraceptives. Love, Cuddling, and conversation are never factors.
Boyfriend:I miss Rachel...
Friend: Shut-up! Go get a meaningless cream
by JP$ September 30, 2003
7 3
Derived from the characteristics of the historical figure Quasi Moto, this adjective refers to any person (preferably of the opposite sex) who possesses at least one (but not limited to) physical trait of Quasi Moto. For example: hunchback, oversized features, moles, foul smell, tattered clothing, and/or overall hideous appearance.
"So Travis brought home another bell-ringer last night, I bet she can really tug some rope"
by JP$ February 23, 2005
7 11
your friends girlfriend who is three times the size of him and has a massive swamp crotch vagina.
He really needs to get rid of that sasquatch vagina
by JP$ September 30, 2003
4 11
A hard-rail without premature ejaculation
So are they snailin?
Does she snail?
Damn he can snail!
by JP$ September 30, 2003
2 12