When one or more sexual participants openly fake orgasm such as to mock the efforts of the other sexual participant(s).
Marie: 'AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH, MICHAEL! MICHAEL! MICHAEL! MICHAEL!' (exaggerated body writhing, breathing and excessive slamming of nearby surfaces ensues, stopping very suddenly with a look of spiteful derision).

Michael: That's my third Sarcasm this month!
by DonPasquale March 21, 2013
Half of the entries on Urban Dictionary.
*Looking up sex on Urban Dictionary*: Who is stupid enough to look up sex in the Urban Dictionary?

*Looking up Mormon in the Urban Dictionary*:95% of the people in Utah.

These are all sarcasm.
by funnyman21224 July 08, 2011
A mix of irony, insults and humor that sassy smartasses use against idiots.

Watch Sugarscape's video titled "Danisnotonfire -Dan Howell- on being SEXY" on Youtube to see an Internet cult leader using sarcasm correctly. Learn from this meme, peasants!
If ignorance is bliss, you must be the happiest person in the world. (Yep this is pretty much sarcasm)
by Blue Pawprints October 22, 2015
The ability to insult idiots without them realizing it
"Hey dude, are you okay?"
"Yeah, I'm perfect. Nothing could make this day any better than this giant platypus biting my side!"
"Oh, Ok then."
"I was using sarcasm you idiot!"
by FrozenLlamaPro December 29, 2014
1: A funny, yet scathing comment used to show disregard to someone's statement, usually by saying (or writing) the opposite of what you're really meaning, without showing you're actually making sarcasm. People assert it's a good defense against stupidity, but since most idiots don't get sarcasm, it can become pretty useless. What's the point in hitting someone hard when they don't even know they are hurt, knowwhatimsayin' ?

2: Although sarcasm often comes from a sharp-witted person, a lot of dumbasses use it too, mainly in order to hide their lack of arguments.
1: Idiot: This music is awesome since it got a million views on Youtube!
You: That's why Justin Bieber and PSY are the most talented artists the world has ever known!
Idiot: Yeah totally!
You: Jesus, dumb people never take sarcasm in...

2: Idiot: You think they're wrong? Yeah, like you've always been the brainiest guy to judge that!
You: That's good sarcasm you got there, but where are your arguments to PROVE me wrong?
Idiot: Well, uh, mmm...
by Averagemonkey2441 June 03, 2013
The natural response to stupidity.
I'm allergic to stupidity so i break out in sarcasm.
by sarcasticducky February 27, 2015
When you say exactly what you mean.
This is not a sarcastic answer and there is no implied sarcasm at all.
by VerySeriousDude September 22, 2014
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