when the chin of a woman is ejaculated upon, usually while being titi-fucked.The result is a chin so white it looks as if you've just had sex with Kris Kringle
I cant believe she let me give her a santa clause! Then she said ho ho ho!
by Dark Brotha April 19, 2006
Top Definition
That creepy guy at the mall who pops a boner in your lap when you sit down for a picture you'll just throw away in 4 months.
Ho Ho Ho...
by Human July 29, 2003
A man who sits in the mall and recieves lap dances from children, promising to deliver them presents in return for the favour.
"Hoe,hoe, hoe!" I hear Santa Clause calling his bitches again.
by anon. April 03, 2005
Incorrect spelling of Santa Claus often used by the careless or the illiterate, possibly the result of learning to read from film titles.
'The Santa Clause' is a film starring Tim Allen.
by schooby August 22, 2006
A Santa Clause is when you shave off your pubes, and then save it for later. Later once you're getting head you jiz on the girls face and then throw the pubes on her face making it look like santa clause.
The man wanted his girfriend it get into the spirt of christmas by performing the santa clause.
by Greg1619 December 09, 2007
An imaginary overweight man in red who supposedly 'Climbs down peoples chimneys and places presents at the bottom of childrens trees early Christmas', made by a small child who didn't want to give his parents credit for buying his new AK-47. An easy way of proving Santa Clause does NOT exist, is by seeing if you can fit down the chimney. If you can't, Santa Clause can't.
Small Child: Fuck you mommy. You didn't pay for my brand new flamethrower. Santa Clause did you rotten bitch. Stop trying to take credit for what Santa Clause did you filthy whore!
by Fat Man In Red December 29, 2008
Santa Clause: A big fat man, leaving gifts for little children (What do you think he's hoping to get in return?), that doesn't sound creepy, just wait, "Santa" get little children to sit on his lap, "little people" make his "toys"...
Santa Clause = Pedophile
by Cody Rogers July 17, 2006
A stalker of small children.
A pervert of the kids.
A slave Driver of the elves.
A thief of the cookies.
A legal immigrant to the world.
A rebel without a cause.
Have you ever wonder what happens to children that wake up to find him?
He rapes them then bashes there heads again the chimney.
He watches you, Everywhere.
Him and God are bother helpless stalkers.
What do we do to this flying, fat, red blob of jolly madness?
I say we touch his jolly ass.
He's obviously a terrorist.
He isolates his workers so no one from our outside world could know,
That Santa has a thing for the butt.
Unscramble Santa.
And you get Satan.
Santa is the Devil.
Santa toke over Jesus Christs Birthday.
It's cause Santa is Satan.
He even wears Satan's theme color.
Also the color of Blood.
Scared Yet?
You should Be.
Santa Clause:: Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas!
Kid:: I want a hot wheels toy set!
Santa:: I want to show you the toys in my master bedroom that has padlocks on the doors
Kid:: Yaaay!
by Hawkington =]] February 02, 2008
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