When someone talks almost endlessly about their past military experiences, including historical facts, anecdotes and tales of buffoonery. It is possible to be caught in a conversation with a group of sandbaggers, this can be a dangerously boring situation, difficult to get away from and should be avoided by civilians at all costs.
Tony: "Tim, did I ever tell you about the Naval Commander that invented the jubilee clip?"

Tim: "What the f**k has that got to do with anything? Don't start sandbagging!"
by xpanda1982 June 21, 2011
The deliberate act of matching speed with a car or truck beside you on the freeway, thereby preventing the d-bag behind you from proceeding with his 90 mph freeway surfing ways.

An amusing road trip past-time.

The intentional, and often hilarious, mischievous brother of the speed limit demon.

Also the same general premise of freeway tag, just without the presence of people you actually like.
1. "You, me, a semi, and the speed limit... Let's all get to know each other, shall we?. Let the sand-bagging begin..."

2. "Ah, flashed your brights.. that's gonna cost you another 30 seconds of sand-bagging, my friend.."
by Road_Man January 22, 2010
In gaming, the act of slowly leveling while otherwise increasing stats and currency in order to be stronger than other players at your same level; who have not sandbagged. Particularly useful in pvp focused games that pair players based on level.
After spending months sandbagging I become the strongest player in my tier.
by Gr1pp717 September 09, 2012
A more extreme form of potato sacking, which is a more extreme form of tea bagging. Basically, it's tea bagging to the third power.
My swagg was working so hard last night! I was sand bagging this skank until her levee broke!
by Big Yetti May 11, 2011
The act of "sandbagging" includes, preventing a person(s) from doing a certian activity. Sandbagging also includes hastling a person.
Zac: Get Off The Road Donald!
Donald: Dont you be sandbagging me bud!
by DonaldBudMurrayBud June 22, 2010
v. (to) Similar to teabagging; done after one has shaved off thier pubic hair, and it has started to grow back. The hair on one's balls is then scratchy to touch, like sandpapper. When you go to slap your balls against anothers forehead it is so sharp that you tare skin.

Sand-bagging people when they are passed out is fun, but tricky.
by NicJames March 16, 2006
to screw someone over; most notably, cock blocking someone
to sandbag someone
Jim: That party last night was pretty sweet.
Mark: What are you talking about? You were sandbagging me all night. I was gonna have a threesome until you showed up.
Jim: Oh, whatever dude.
by djillwill919 April 11, 2012

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