When a woman lays her naked boobs upon someone else's forehead. A picture is usually taken for later humiliation of the sandbagger or the sandbaggie.

a drunken prank; variation on the practical joke of teabagging.
Danielle was so drunk that she went around sandbagging people all night!

Jill was the first to pass out, so we all took turns sandbagging her.
by Fruitycherry January 06, 2007
when you have a slow POS car, and you put decals from speed shops, and also decals from high performance parts, on a vehicle that does not have the part
Bob has a flowmaster muffler decal on his car, and he doesnt even have them. He sure is sandbagging.
by fishindabay July 12, 2005
The act of taking home a some hot girl's ugly friend so your friend can take home the hot girl. Much similar to a sandbag stopping bullets, you are stopping the fat girls c*ckblock.
Yeah I had to sandbag for Larry last night, he owes me one.

That was one ugly sandbag last night.
by Schnee April 28, 2005
the act of teabagging a female after a sport event while your balls are still sweaty and dirty
-Guy 1: Dude I was sandbagging your girl last night after the football game.
-Guy 2: Oh yea well I was sandbagging your mom last night bitch.
by A&J Studioz June 04, 2006
Grabbing an ugly girl's large breasts as she dances with her back to you. Similar to brown bagging, but you forgot your bag so you turn her around instead and grope her breasts in drunken pleasure. Sand Bagging may result in hogging.
"Did you see Mike dancing with that fat chick last night? That sand bagging son of a bitch!"
by Hogalicious! January 03, 2007
The act of sexual intercourse with a quadraplegic amputee, (person without arms and legs), thus being reminiscent of humping a sandbag.
Person 1: Yo, boy's just hooked up with that quad chick.

Person 2: Yeah, he'll be sandbagging tonight!
by Itchy Nitch April 02, 2011
Verb. Commonly used to describe the act of a female, with a large rack, swinging back and forth while knocking down everything around her and giving all the guys a black eye with the unique "nipple-punch" using her huge tits.
Cid: "Damn man, thats a sick black eye. Did you get into a fight?"

Cloud: "Ya... with Tifa's rack. She was sandbagging me the whole night."
by Cloud Strife October 04, 2005
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