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A person who pads a handicap or acts as if he/she is at a lower skill level than he/she actually is so he/she can achieve better during competition that's handicapped or by skill level.
That sandbagger said his handicap was 20 strokes and he shot 10 over during the outing to win.
#sandbag #cheater #padder #sanbag #sanbagger
by Justin1217 August 28, 2006
In grappling competitions, a sandbagger is known as somebody who fights down his/her normal skill level in order to get easy wins.

For example: A grappler who has an intermediate skill level (2-4 years experience) will decide to drop down to fight in the novice or beginners divisions in order to sweep everyone out of the division and win the gold.
Wrestlers are usually the ones that sandbag, but other grapplers do it as well.

Regardless though, sandbaggers are pussies and should be beat for their bad deeds. :P
#sandbagger #pussies #wrestlers #grapplers #grappling #bjj #mma
by Striker122 March 01, 2010
In paintball a person or team of a higher level plays as a lower level team to win. Such as an Amature team playing a novice event.
"You fucking sandbagging pussys cant win any amature events so you have to play with us."
by Andrew Orde February 12, 2005
1.) Someone who plays below there actual potential.

2.) Someone with giant testicles, and/or giant saggy breasts.
Man that guys good, hes gotta be a sand bagger.
by HOLYCRAP March 17, 2005
A person whom consistently pretends to be able to do less work than she can so as not to have to work as hard.
Kristin and Lizzie, you both know you can bench more than that! Quit being a fucking sandbagger!
#slacker #cheater #lazy #wannabe #underachiever
by baldnbeautiful February 20, 2010
A Bowler who bowls under their actual average to keep their league handicap high. Then when their team needs to win a game and/or series they bowl their actual average to increase their chances of winning.
Tom's actual average is 200 but during league play he bowls and averages 150. If the handicap for his league is to 200 and he averaged 200 he would have a "0" handicap. By averaging 150 he gets a 50 pin handicap. His handicap is based of the 150 average. So when his team needs more pins he bowls his actual average of 200 (or more)giving him and his team 50 extra pins (or more) making Tom a Sand bagger.
#sand bagger #cheater #cheating #low life #lame
by moorebounce September 18, 2008
a person male/female who is a pool player(biliars player) who does not play at the skill level he or she is realy at.
Damn, that guy is a fucking sand bagger
by Medved July 28, 2003
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