The deliberate act of matching speed with a car or truck beside you on the freeway, thereby preventing the d-bag behind you from proceeding with his 90 mph freeway surfing ways.

An amusing road trip past-time.

The intentional, and often hilarious, mischievous brother of the speed limit demon.

Also the same general premise of freeway tag, just without the presence of people you actually like.
1. "You, me, a semi, and the speed limit... Let's all get to know each other, shall we?. Let the sand-bagging begin..."

2. "Ah, flashed your brights.. that's gonna cost you another 30 seconds of sand-bagging, my friend.."
by Road_Man January 22, 2010
Top Definition
A word usually used by Truckers meaning slow driving or taking ones time.
A lot of heavily loaded trucks will be "Sand Bagging" while driving up a steep grade( a large hill or mountain)
by Timothy D. Wilson December 31, 2007
When a player in any game chooses (on purpose) to not play their best. Normally this is because they are too superior, they want to hustle you, or they are too lazy to play their best with nothing on the line.
I just beat him the first two games. Should I money match him?

Nah, he was sandbagging.
by valoem June 25, 2005
in corporate sales: when reps report a much lower deal opportunity than actually exists. reps do this so that if the deal doesn't go through they don't look as bad and so at the end of the quarter when the company has to make their number the rep isn't selected to perform a high pressure last minute sales job.
this market looks small for us, unless the reps are sandbagging us again.
by scanman7 September 02, 2005
To deliberately perform at a lower level than you are capable of
He was sandbagging at practice, but kicked ass at the track meets.
by Rob D. October 18, 2003
Used in street racing. It means to be cheated out of a race or the opponent purposefully slowing down so the margin of victory seems smaller then it actually was.
That guy was sand bagging me so bad, dude!
by Stik E March 06, 2007
When making a sale during the week but purposely not booking it on the computer until the Friday so you don't need to go in to work.
"Dan has been sandbagging and has got a deal on Thursday and won't book the sale till Friday and can now enjoy a long weekend"
by doorbasher February 19, 2014
In Sales; the act of intentionally holding back deals till the next month to get off to a fast start. Stems from the belief that you can't perform to a high level without a competitive advantage. See also: Mental Weakness.
"Can you believe Jeff is sandbagging 72 deals so he can make May's numbers look better?"
by Lyle Carson May 23, 2016
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