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in corporate sales: when reps report a much lower deal opportunity than actually exists. reps do this so that if the deal doesn't go through they don't look as bad and so at the end of the quarter when the company has to make their number the rep isn't selected to perform a high pressure last minute sales job.
this market looks small for us, unless the reps are sandbagging us again.
by scanman7 September 02, 2005
a slutty lesbian who jumps around from cunt to cunt
m: dude, my ex turned out to be a cunny bunny
c: hot
#lesbian #rug muncher #cunnybunny #dyke #bi
by scanman7 January 01, 2006
Non-Revenue Space-Available

describes how airline employees and their families travel while paying nothing or very little for their tickets. usually bitches named bevan. NRSA's typically prefer to fly in first (premium) or business class. tickets usually cost from between $0 - $150 to fly first class anywhere in the world.
"there are 54 nrsa passengers listed for this flight"
by scanman7 December 03, 2004
'no' in malay. use frequently when in malaysia. especially while being hit on.
c: hey b, you like pussy?
b: eww, TIDAK!

c: what if i gave you $100 to do that chick?
by scanman7 April 29, 2005
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