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Refers to the art of arranging the cables inside one's computer case in a very tightly-integrated, neat, airflow-friendly manner. (This is especially important for those with windows in their rigs.) Derived from the Japanese "origami", the art of paper folding. Cablegami not only involves folding and twisting of cables, but, like origami, it is maddeningly difficult to do well.
"Man, did you see the cablegami that guy with the acrylic case pulled off?"
"Yeah, for a second I thought he had a wireless hard drive."
by Doorbasher August 14, 2004
When making a sale during the week but purposely not booking it on the computer until the Friday so you don't need to go in to work.
"Dan has been sandbagging and has got a deal on Thursday and won't book the sale till Friday and can now enjoy a long weekend"
by doorbasher February 19, 2014

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