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A place inconducive to upgrading your life.
A place you grow up, but can't seem to leave, irregardless that your life is going nowhere.
I had to get out of Manteca, CA because it's a sand trap.
by MadamexXx March 03, 2009
a vagina with sand in it
i hooked with this chic in the desert and her sand trap fucked my shit up
by chubs February 17, 2005
When you have sex on a beach and you get sand on your penis and don't wash it off before penetrating the vaginal cavity.
John got caught in a sandtrap last night and shot himself after.
by Lance_Uppercut May 06, 2009
(n)p A name given to a golfer of little to no skill. Often found splashing about a greenside bunker like a Phat kid in a paddle pool.
Jay : "Geez, those 9 shots in the bunker on the 5th killed my round completely"

Johnny : Your time will come young Sand Trap, Oh Yes... Your time will come.

Jay : SMB!
by Puddles31845 February 05, 2010
before you fuck a girl on the beach throw on a condom dip it in the sand then fuck the shit out of her cunt
my boy #1 gave this girl the sand trap right before he erupted on the beach
by bm,ts,#1,bw,gk July 16, 2008
the vaginal cavity of an asian woman
Yo, sorry i was late last night. I was getting some sandtrap.
by theguydownthestreet November 21, 2007
When you're banging a chick on the beach, Throw sand in her eyes, thereby blocking her from seeing the facial she's about to receive..
While fucking Betty I took a handful of sand and blinded her right before shooting all over her face...
by Fire January 15, 2005