The homosexual capital of the United States. The Peoples Republic of San Francisco. A place where reality is not. A nice place to visit but you don’t want to live there. Was once one of America’s crown jewel cities but now has more drawbacks than qualities. It has become the American center of radical homosexuality, socialism, liberalism, activism, judicial activism, and other social nuances. Radical homosexuals literally hold Gay Pride parades on Castro Street to flaunt their perverted and immoral lifestyle. Its activist mayor, Gavin Newsom, has overstepped his bounds by deliberately “marrying” homosexual couples when California law strictly forbids it. He also sided with illegal immigrants who held a march in the city denouncing the right of American’s Freedom of Speech. The city is so liberal that it will not tolerate members of the American armed forces being in the city. Hell, it even screamed when the Blue Angels wanted to do a show over the San Francisco Bay. What a disgrace. It is not a coincidence that it now has the largest number of homeless than most other US cities. The cost of living has become so out of control that citizens are moving out to the burbs causing the city population to decline rapidly since 2000. When God punishes the United States, San Fran will probably be the first city he knocks off. This is what makes San Francisco San Francisco:
1. fog
2. the Golden Gate Bridge
3. Alcatraz Island
4. its numerous hills
5. plenty of Asians
6. Fishermans Warf
7. the Embarcadero
8. queers
9. hippies
10. activists
11. liberalism
12. socialism
13. the TransAmerica Pyramid
14. cable cars
15. an outragious cost of living
San Francisco is nice to visit but damb if you want to live there.I hate it.
by krock1dk October 26, 2007
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A really nice place in CA. Fun places to see, lovely place to stay, nice people, diverse culture.
People who hate San Francisco are just afraid of culture and friendly people.
by Awinn July 29, 2003
The only city in America where weed is legal, but plastic bags aren't.
San Francisco is an awesome place to live.
by Gus The 49er Fan June 06, 2007
This is not only the place I live, it is an outstanding city with a very pleasent area.

It has the golden gate bridge and bay bridge, its own bay, the San Francisco bay, it is along the Pacific Ocean, and it has a very unusual climate. It seems more like fall the whole year except for a bit of winter and a bit of summer.

San Francisco is known for its diverse community, and yes it does have a lot of gay/lesbians, but it is far from overpopulated with them. It is an out of the ordinary instance for me, as a San Franciscan, to go walking somewhere for an hour and see someone who looks to be gay or lesbian (doesn't happen often...)

There are lots of Azn gangs, and I know lots of people who are involved with them, but they are getting dealt with appropriately.

The Public School system is totally awesome! I'm in it right now, and enjoying every second of it, even the "Swimming pool on the roof!"

San Francisco is a city with a great environment, a very liberal site on the world, a very interesting population, and a very pleasent place to live (there are lots of cheap places to live in SF also... it isn't all expencive...)
San Francisco; The city of diversity.
by bLINK 182 yALL January 10, 2005
San Francisco means so many things to so many people--a superlative in terms of the kinds of activity and diversity engendered in the most beautiful city in the world.

Affectionately known by locals as "The City" by the bay, it's unique topography and eclectic skyline lends a vertical appearance to a dynamic landscape, containing the world's most treasured examples of architecture--Transamerica Pyramid, Bank of America Center, Ferry Building, Golden Gate Bridge, et al.

Akin to Paris and London, San Francisco offers something special for those living--or visiting--in the area, leaving an indelible impression to come back for more: Financial District, Fisherman's Wharf, Alcatraz Island, Union Square, Chinatown, Japantown, etc.
I left my heart in San Francisco. And I can't wait to go back.

by Tagman77 June 21, 2005
Wonderful city, but the middle class and families — the two elements that make a city thrive — are becoming an endangered species. San Francisco could soon become half a playground for hipsters and the nomadic rich, and half a squalid district for the permanent lower class.
If San Francisco doesn't watch it, it's going to turn into a cross between Carmel and Calcutta.
by Citiphile April 12, 2005
A city which is diverse. Every kind of neighborhood and every kind of person. You can go from the best neighborhood Pacific Heights to the Fillmore in 4 minutes. Although many believe this city is all rich, there are some terrible neighborhoods in the south, central, and east areas of the city.
San Francisco got something for Everyone
by SCAREDOFFRISCO February 14, 2005
awesome city with less recognition than it deserves. minneapolis in fact has just as many gays as san francisco. and people who are actually from here..... NEVER CALL IT FRISCO
east coast guy: man frisco's wicked
san franciscan: thats hella stupid, it's SAN FRANCISCO
by SFrower May 20, 2005

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