the REAL city of brotherly love
Teacher: Which city is know as the 'City of Brotherly Love'?

Student X: San Fransisco?

Teacher: Take your desk and sit in the hall.

Student X: (smiles)
by LMF July 20, 2005
I have found that while traveling the world that cities that are vertically inclined have an additional dimension of awareness and tolerance where as people in flat lands see their own 360 degrees to suit their own level. In San Francisco you can find a church that will support your ONE LOVE/ALL LOVE not strengthen your prejudices.
If you are visiting for more than 4 days try the green "Space Cake" on the first day and walk west on Haight Street and groove through the park toward the north where you will find Hippy Hill for what ever influence it may have on a given day. Street Fair takes place in a June weekend on the Haight aswell. Heard performers from Jefferson Airplane and Hendrix Experience etc.
by David January 26, 2005
Placed atop a psychic apex of pure magic; San Francisco is a mecca that draws some of the most interesting and progressive individuals from across the country and world, including a wealth of artists, poets, writers, musicians, and philosophers. Weather is often windy and cold due to the micro-climate created by the surrounding Bay. Streets in most areas are saturated with the smell of urine, due to the high volume of homeless residents and drunken tourists, although this flaw is no match for San Francisco's infinite charm. A city where homosexuality is more acceptable and prevalent than in most cities, however, San Francisco is not entirely gay as it is portrayed by the Right-Wing Media. Scorned by extreme Rightists for its liberal and progressive nature, San Francisco is loved by nearly everyone who has had the opportunity to be there.

San Francisco, a place of magic.
Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the most important thing about San Francisco... It's a place where cannabis (marijuana) is virtually legal; it is the lowest arrest priority in the city. As in, they will bust you for J-walking before they bust you for J-smoking.
#sf #magic #psychic #cool #hip #forward #progressive #creative #artsy #arts #artists #writers #poets #magicians #musicians #philosophers #shamans #junkies #hipsters #homeless #gay #multi-cultural #cold #windy #poor #rich #tourists #global #cannabis #culture #420 #sweet #lovely #wonderful #charming
by phubans June 12, 2007
A masterpiece. Frisco's got the best hobos.
Me: Hey, hobo, got change for a dollar?
Hobo: Sure DO, madam! *hackcough*
by wysiwyg August 12, 2004
Cold and foggy, contrary to the typical stereotypes of California.
"Where you going?"
"San Francisco"
"Oh, then don't bother packing those shorts."
#san fran #california #the bay #cali #north california
by lollipopgal42 March 28, 2012
A city on the West side of the bay. A very nice city with good, family-oriented people. Amazing friendliness can be found here considering it's location. The city on the other side of the bay, Oakland, is quite possibly the complete opposite atmosphere of San Francisco. If one is to find themself in San Francisco, I warn you not to dare to cross the bay and venture into the dangerous back street ghettos of Oakland.
Resident of San Francisco: "HI! Welcome to San Francisco!"

Resident of Oakland: "Bitch, what the hell you doing in Oakland?!"
#california #friendly #bay #oakland #happy
by Zuke July 11, 2006
A city in Northern California that's similar in some ways to Portland and Seattle. Hated and feared by certain people across America (particularly the likes of Bill O'Reilly and other right wing political commentators) perhaps for it's liberal-minded and tolerant ways, it is a truly unique city and one which I sorely miss.

- Very friendly, open-minded people. Probably the nicest people you'll ever meet, most of whom are left wing democrats.
- Diverse in terms of race, cultures, subcultures, ect. (With tolerance comes diversity).
- The bay area is a fun place to visit if you enjoy sailing. Lots of bridges, islands, and cute little towns to stop by while you're out and about on your boat.
- Great weather and great scenery. Lots of beautiful old buildings and houses.
- Has a hippie and beatnik background, and is still enriched today by several interesting and unique, or sometimes just down right absurd subcultures! :)

- Abundant homeless population.
- As with any modern day city, some areas can be a bit scummy.
- Very expensive.
- Some people like to use the word 'hella'.
- Michael Savage.
I left my heart in San Francisco.
#open-minded #hippies #beatnik #berkeley #california #weed
by Charlotte08 October 04, 2008
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