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A website that advertises on Urban Dictionary, among other "hip" sites viewed by the teen-to-20s demographic. They sell t-shirts that have pop culture references on them that are fun to look at but in reality are only bought by clueless frat boys who are trying to express how "in touch" they are with Internet humor.

Snorg's advertising campaign features fuckable (not necessarily attractive) female models that would never wear these shirts in real life.

by phubans September 01, 2010
Placed atop a psychic apex of pure magic; San Francisco is a mecca that draws some of the most interesting and progressive individuals from across the country and world, including a wealth of artists, poets, writers, musicians, and philosophers. Weather is often windy and cold due to the micro-climate created by the surrounding Bay. Streets in most areas are saturated with the smell of urine, due to the high volume of homeless residents and drunken tourists, although this flaw is no match for San Francisco's infinite charm. A city where homosexuality is more acceptable and prevalent than in most cities, however, San Francisco is not entirely gay as it is portrayed by the Right-Wing Media. Scorned by extreme Rightists for its liberal and progressive nature, San Francisco is loved by nearly everyone who has had the opportunity to be there.

San Francisco, a place of magic.
Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the most important thing about San Francisco... It's a place where cannabis (marijuana) is virtually legal; it is the lowest arrest priority in the city. As in, they will bust you for J-walking before they bust you for J-smoking.
by phubans June 12, 2007
An adjective to describe something from the 1980's as cool, enjoyable, or capable of bringing back good memories.

Anything that is both cool and retrostylized, or reminiscent of the 80's.
Man, that episode of TMNT was pretty nineteen-eighty-cool!
by phubans August 25, 2006
Fecal matter that has been kept in the bowels long enough to form a long, thick turd that stays in one piece.
Time to go awaken the hot snake...
by phubans August 16, 2006
To give the effect or appearance of being from the past, specifically the 1980's, to any work of art, music, or video game.

Retrostylization is becoming a popular style used in art, media, and advertising, as the children of that particular era are becoming adults.

This term was coined by Paul Hubans to describe his game, MADHOUSE.
Wow man, have you played MADHOUSE? It was made in 2004 but it has retrostylized graphics to give the appearance of looking just like a Nintendo game! Sweet!
by phubans August 25, 2006
One who is in a perpetual state of "away" on any instant messenger.

A BRBiatch may reappear for a brief period of time to say a few words before saying "brb" again.

See also: fearedmachina.
fearedmachina: okay i'm back
phubans: cool, wb!
fearedmachina: thanks
fearedmachina: brb
phubans: dude, stop being such a BRBiatch!
by phubans July 11, 2008
Internet acronym for "Got To Get Going" and usually said to someone before you are about to leave.
okay man well i gtgg... see ya laterz!
by phubans August 30, 2006

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