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Trash that some one puts on craigslist's free entry so they won't have to pay to get rid of it. Free trash. A couch that stinks of cat piss is frash.
If a listing on Cl is more than 2 hours old the item is usually frash.
by knowman June 06, 2010
A combination of the words fresh and awesome. To be frash is to be cool and relaxed and keepin' it awesome.
Keep it frash.
Wow man thats frash!
by Sophstar October 09, 2007
Abbreviation for: forward-slash i.e. "/"

Used in verbal form to shorten the length of website descriptions
Go to http-colon-frash-frash-www-dot-urbandictionary-dot-com-frash-popular-dot-php
Make sure it's a frash, and not a blash
by D-x January 01, 2013
A description of the perspective taken in a worldview that is best described as 'barely integral' - in terms of Ken Wilber's integral theory. Looking at the intellectual snobbery around the use of integral theory, most writings are not from some lofty position of greatness, but simply just a view of 'flatland' FR-om A S-mall H-ill.
"He thinks the article is integral research but really its just fresh frash."
by emrgnc August 26, 2004
A rash located within the rolls of a fat person.

Portmanteau of "fat" and "rash".
Turlene! Pick me up some frash cream from 7-L, will ya?
by Lord Lulu June 10, 2010
When a girl/fat guy thrashes their titties around while flashing them at the same time.
The drunk girl I liked from class frashed around at the party and broke a dudes jaw. I also found her bologna-reolas to be quite the misfortune.
by iConoclastic July 17, 2009
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