Place were theirs peace and harmony and Homeless People like seattle without rain
I Love San Francisco
by I HATE bush da May 13, 2003
A beautiful city in california, with a diverse culture. Only downside is the large amount of hipsters. Hipsters can be identifyed by the following:

Jean cut-offs
ironic facial hair
non-perscription glasses
riding a bike
tattoo of random, useless things, i.e. PBR, cheeseburger, mermaid etc
rolled up jeans, showing ankles (if not wearing cut offs)
I sure love San Francisco, too bad all the hipsters have taken over the mission, with their organic food and strange flavored ice cream.
by stellerz June 22, 2011
Filter city on the west coast of the United States that absorbs most of the homos, pretentious assholes, red light runners, Prius drivers, hippies, foodies, asians and run away teens thereby making other cities west of the Rockies more livable.
Thank you San Francisco for giving the homeless a place to live other than Modesto.
by doc yamamoto November 06, 2009
A pretty awesome city! I have been living here for 10 years and despite the cold weather its cool. It has tons of stuff to do: haight street, golden gate park, downtown, china town, marina, and the mission. Just because there are homosexuals doesn't mean that the city is horrible. Besides, most of homosexuals are very kind and live in the castro. San Francisco is expensive but that doesn't mean that everyone here is a yuppie and there are TONS of bad neighborhoods.
San Francisco is a city for the strange, the diverse, and anyone who has an open mind.
by crazyevolstalker November 11, 2006
San Francisco is a beautiful city located in Northern California. Its full of many different kinds of people and great food and views. It is also home to many sports teams; including the Giants baseball team and 49ers football team. Great place to live and raise a family.
San Francisco is amazing
by Jeremy Las November 28, 2010
Little cutty cove on the northern pacific.
"We got our own slang
But everybody took it
Now we goin’ dumb down the Av drivin’ crooked"

"Hey, what would u say the best city on earth is?"
"I'd have to say San Francisco"
by Hannah Rachael January 08, 2008
An awesome place. Contains a vibrant gay community, an incredibly fucked-up climate, and amazing restaurants. Where it's impossible to get bored.
I was going to take the ferry to the Gay Pride Parade (seriously, how hilarious is that?), but it was full, so we drove. I froze my ass off in the middle of summer. That's San Francisco for ya.
by your Lord and Savior August 25, 2007
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