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code for your drug dealer

coined from the movie half baked
Art: Hey man did you score some herb?
Fernando: Yeah dude I called up Sampson earlier.
by IrocAll November 01, 2005
Slang for weed aka marijuana. Originating from the movie "Half Baked" Starring Dave Chappelle
"You want to talk to Sampson?"
"How's Samspon doing?"
"Bitch you know what i want... I want to talk to Sampson!"
by 40oz-Warriors June 04, 2005
Sampson. "Better than Lassie." He is that "one in a million" dog. Loved and adored by everyone he meets. Black beauty. Long beautiful jet black furr with a smiling face. Adores his owner who he warships every step she takes. A loyal and loving companion who brings years of memories that will be treasured forever. He lives not for himself, but his master. The one he loves. Obedient like a robot and will wiggle his whole body when he greets you at the door like he has not seen you in years. He lives just to make his owner happy. He is a bed hog though...but he does it all. His greatest joy in life is his the owner...and going to the dog park with her. The girl he loves....
"Sampson.....wanna go to the "park"?
by Sampson's queen..... December 26, 2011
a crazy, often reckless individual who may possess a dulled sense of pain and lacks shame in their actions; Occasionally has a ridiculous last name
Number 1: "Did you guys see that dude jump off that building!?"
Number 2: "Yeah, he was probably a Sampson."
by ZZss4320 December 28, 2008
A word that is exclaimed in public places for no reason whatsoever. The person who yells 'Sampson' says it quickly, and in a growling voice that startles or confuses strangers. It often happens several times in the span of a minute. People don't know what to think.
Person A: SAMPson!

Stranger B: Did someone just say, Sampson?

Stranger C: That's what it sounded like, but he may have just been clearing his throat.

Person A: SAMPson!

Stranger B: There it is again.

Stranger C: ???
by Where's My Piggy? July 11, 2010

A mistake. A girl that looks good at the bar until you get her home/outside to take a closer look.

Stemming from the former Indiana Basketball Coach, Kelvin Sampson who looked great during the hire. Later he was discovered to have been breaking NCAA rules, throwing the university into a horrible rebuilding era.
I woke up next to a Sampson this morning. What the fuck was I thinking?

You'll want to stay away from that club...don't want to end up bringing home a Sampson.
by goosta March 10, 2011
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