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Samoans are people from the Pacific. They are of the Polynesian category along with others such as tongans, and etc. I read most of the definitions of samoans, and I tell almost everyone of those are not true. Not all samoans are big, and large. I would say heavy boned and naturally muscular. LOL. Samoans are friendly people. They are called the "Happy people" of polynesia. But if you mess with them in some rude way, I can't tell you what will happen, but it probably one of your worst experience. Just kidding, not all are the worst. Some are kind-hearted. In the samoan culture, RESPECT is really involved. Respect your elders, family, and friends for they will respect you back. ( I think) So my friends, this is what I think Samoans are.
Samoan(s) tend to do daily chores that leads to be the most powerful weapon there can be to strength and respect!
by tweeta June 19, 2009
A beautiful people and culture from the Polynesian islands of Samoa and American Samoa. Many Samoans excel in sports, music, government, and other aspects of society. Samoans are very family oriented and have a rich history of tradition and pride. Religion is an integral part of daily life and plays an important role in family values. Most Samoans are Christians and the official religion of Samoa is Christianity. The first definition is from a jealous a**hole and those who agree with that person is on the same boat with that hater.
Samoans are a beautiful people.
by bob1461 July 11, 2008
Large Polynesian people who originally hail from Samoa but can be found in larger numbers throughout New Zealand and Australia. Generally very friendly but only piss them off if you're tired of living
Littly Timmy was sick of living, so he went to Auckland to piss off some Samoans
by Dangerous G March 28, 2004
A person of descent from the primitive island known as Samoa. They look Asian except with a larger nose, larger eyes, larger eyebrows, and a larger ass.
Generally a friendly people except in the United States.
They are one of the hardest people to knock out so go for the knees.
Simoans of Hawaii don't value protection from the United States.
by asskicker April 05, 2005
A person of descent from the primitive island known as Samoa. Samoans are known to be quite aggressive and ignorant at times. Their behavior is sometimes seen as erratic and similar to that of a savage (see caveman).
"Man, a Brave New World is right, Samoans are savages!"
by Siroma-bear September 13, 2004
The act of taking girl scout Samoa cookies and shoving them inside a girl scout's vagina until she moans uncontrollably with pleasure or displeasure.
I Samoan'd that bitch so hard, she won't be selling cookies for awhile.
by PimpDaddyCP March 01, 2012
An aggressive, overly-staunch, arrogant barbarian. They are pack animals and will corrupt any place they go. Some say they are friendly. This is perhaps because they are so loud and will always snigger at the most obstinate running jokes. Not just american samoans are like this, they all are.
A samoan walks into a classy wine bar because the corrupt bouncer is his brother. He walks out of the bar with a court sentence and the bar has a $700 repair bill.
by Jed Sanders March 13, 2008
A sub-class of morbidly obese, Asian-Pacific-Islanders. Identified by huge foreheads and 'groucho' eyebrows, disturbingly long, thick, matted, black hair (men AND women), thighs where there should be biceps and all clothed in humongous short pants. The males of the species are bred for drywalling, erecting cinder block walls and as defensive linemen, but are often hired as doormen at nightclubs frequented by affluent and/or famous Negroes. The females are used primarily for breeding purposes but occasionally can be seen repossessing automobiles or running after suspect's cars in televised police chases.

When in the presence of a Samoan, proceed with caution. Do NOT make eye contact and back away from their habitat as quickly as possible. They are wild, extremely aggressive and unpredictable and should be treated as such. Give them their space and most times they will not bother you.
Did you know....

.....that Samoans are descendants of headhunters? Yes, and they ate babies, too.

.....the NFL was the first organization to import live Samoans starting in the 1980's? Sadly, their families were allowed to follow and immediately began setting up villages.

.....a typical four-year-old Samoan male eats 60 lbs. of rice, 55 lbs. of fish, and 16 gallons of breast milk a day?
by Manny Poloobamafuu August 30, 2010