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samoa is a pacific island nation. formerly a british and then german colony, new zealand took control after WWI. the samoans, traditionally a reseliant people, despised new zealand control, and in the style of gandhi, used non-violence to eventually win independence. to americans, samoa is known for producing a number of football offensive and defensive lineman.
samoa produced kimo von olhoffen.
by Ben E. Hama January 30, 2007
n. The best cookie that the girl scouts sell.
Ingredients: Crispy cookie, chocolate, caramel, coconut.

Girlscout: Would you like to buy some cookies?

Me: Sure, I'll take two boxes of Samoas please.

Girlscout: I'm sorry we're all out of Samoas. The only kind we have available are Thanks-A-Lot's.

Me: Thanks-A-Lot's!? What the fuck are Thanks-A-Lot's!? No one wants that shit!
by anonymousplatypus February 27, 2008
Bomb ass girl scout cookies with the drizzled chocolate zigzags on the top.
I better get some samoas before I kill you all.
by Gnappy May 19, 2007
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