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A sub-class of morbidly obese, Asian-Pacific-Islanders. Identified by huge foreheads and 'groucho' eyebrows, disturbingly long, thick, matted, black hair (men AND women), thighs where there should be biceps and all clothed in humongous short pants. The males of the species are bred for drywalling, erecting cinder block walls and as defensive linemen, but are often hired as doormen at nightclubs frequented by affluent and/or famous Negroes. The females are used primarily for breeding purposes but occasionally can be seen repossessing automobiles or running after suspect's cars in televised police chases.

When in the presence of a Samoan, proceed with caution. Do NOT make eye contact and back away from their habitat as quickly as possible. They are wild, extremely aggressive and unpredictable and should be treated as such. Give them their space and most times they will not bother you.
Did you know....

.....that Samoans are descendants of headhunters? Yes, and they ate babies, too.

.....the NFL was the first organization to import live Samoans starting in the 1980's? Sadly, their families were allowed to follow and immediately began setting up villages.

.....a typical four-year-old Samoan male eats 60 lbs. of rice, 55 lbs. of fish, and 16 gallons of breast milk a day?
by Manny Poloobamafuu August 30, 2010
Most beautiful people on earth, some people say that they have anger issues no its just they react quickly to bullshit, they are funny as hell and they have no shame. They are kind and caring, they will always be there for you. They treat there friends like family. they have a lot of respect for people, they have the most amazing meals. and they love there Rugby League/Unions. They will have your back if you have theirs! And most Samoans are pretty sexy!
Samoans are human beings, You know !
by ILoveFOBS June 15, 2013
They look like Asian except much fatter and bigger.They aren't that intelligent but they're hella strong so don't piss them off or else they attack you like wild animals.The only way to stun them in a fight as say they're Asian because they hate being called that even though they look like them.The girls are ugly unless they have admixtures.They're average height is like 5'8 and weigh like 300 pounds.Avoid these violent people at all cost because they eat all your food and destroy you with their brick like hands.
Samoans prefer to use their fists over brains in a conversation
by Spaghetti ball123 April 11, 2011
Your'll know that your a samoan when you just fob in very sentence you say..okay, serious time...some people might think that Samoans are dumb, stupid, fat people who eat alot of corned beef but inside we are just like every other culture but in a different way.Not all samoans are what you think they are;some are kind,some are stupid and some are ones who you didn't even know until they actually show their true colours..but most, not all are are samoans who are REAL SAMOANS(:
Samoans are people too, not objects...
by YouKnowWhat??? March 04, 2013
Samoans are big fat people who eats everything and i mean everything! Most of the samoans in california smell like horse shit they stink! and they only date their own cousins hella nasty! They are ugly thats why they date within the family. yea they are big dont mess with them or they will eat your food.
samoans are fat,samoans stink, eat everything, incest, black necks
by ufa February 28, 2008
Samoans are very kind and warm hearted although Samoans are often stereotypically put into a category of unpleasant terms, with some exceptions of truth in these terms such as them being extremely hard to knock out. Most of the people who wrote about Samoans all probably had some sort of beef with Samoans because in order to hate them they must hate you. Most Samoans are giant compared to other races but we are all human and all deserve a chance so don't let the other definitions scare Samoans are one of the most kind, respectful, and forgiving races on the planet with some exceptions of the dumb ass's that make this cloture look bad.
Hey a Samoan family just moved in across the street their really nice
by Definitionn February 09, 2014
Generally one of the most gentle human beings on Earth. Not disrespectful, friendly, and even though they are big as hell they're particularly peaceful. However, you may run into the occasional gang member, and even they are not too bad. Dont fuck with them and they wont fuck with you.
Random guys: What's up
Samoans: Nothing really, im about to workout, football season is coming up!
by BayAreaReppin March 02, 2010