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People of Polynesian descent, from the Kingdom of Tonga. To distinguish a Tongan from any other polynesian group, just say "malo e lelei", if they answer back with "malo", or "malo e lelei", then they are Tongan.
Boy#1:Hey man, where you from?
Boy#2:I'm from The Island of Tonga.

Boy#1:Oh! So you are a Tongan?
Boy#2:Yup. Pretty much.

Boy#1:Malo e lelei!
Boy#1:Io, Malo.
by Tongan March 17, 2008
People of Polynesian descent, from the Islands of Samoa. To distinguish a Samoan from any other Polynesian, just say "Talofa". If they smile and say "Talofa" back, then there you have it. That person is Samoan.
Boy#1: hey man, where you from?
Boy#2: I'm from Samoa.

Boy#1:Oh! Then you must be Samoan!

by Tongan March 17, 2008

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