Describes someone who cannot take a joke and someone who is constantly moody. These people are usually extremely tall or extremely small. Their height usually comes from the father's side of the family.
'God man, your so salty'
by smackdawg May 01, 2015
If something is salty it means that it is high class or exclusive.
Also can be used to describe a person, usually a woman, who is tasteful and/or pleasing to the eye. They may also be a very classy or expensive person.
Louis Vuitton is so salty that I feel like I have to be a celebrity to shop there.

This girl is so salty, I love her!
by MarieOpal March 28, 2015
When someone is agitated, butt hurt, angry, or annoyed.
Jimmy~ What's up with Arnulfo?

Patrick~ He's just being salty because he lost.
by PartyPat March 04, 2015
To be upset, usually over something small, which causes overreaction and rage quits
Guy 1: "Man, that guy with the curly hair at the community center was really mad after taking a ball to the face"
Guy 2: "He got so salty"
by TBot December 08, 2014
being shady and unfair
"Let me get some donuts from that box."
"No, I don't got enough for you."
"You salty."
by Saltcoat November 25, 2014
The state of being thirsty, i.e horny
Did you see Devonte Antonio was taking pictures of guys while getting his oil changed at Kwik Kar? He's so salty!
by Bartonlutherking October 07, 2014
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