Ma nigga
Salty is ma nigga
by neega123 May 24, 2012
A verb describing an action or situation that is the opposite of sweet (cool).
"My roommate smoked all of my bud while I was out of town."

"Dude, that's salty."
by klippel91 June 10, 2014
Feeling speedy, buzzed, spun or otherwise high on bath salts.

Similar feeling of euphoric energy from small to moderate amount of coke.
Sober Suzy: "Hey um, so you wanna do something tonight? I'm bored"

Salty Sam: "Oh Hells yeah, I kinda wanna dance or go karaoke. Hey, let's walk to Drunken Crab for drunken karaoke and then go dancing!! And yeah, I'm so salty right now!!!
by Randishlego July 19, 2011
To look embarrassed, feel awkward, or to look stupid.
Teacher: What is 25+25?
*After numerous trys they finally get 50*
Person2:Haha looking salty
by DangerzoneX April 21, 2011
To be upset or angry, usually when one is put on the spot as talking out of their ass, or caught in a lie, a classic example would be someone who talked a lot of trash before a sports game and then gets beaten soundly and is pissed about it.
Brad bragged to Jim he could beat anyone in basketball, and talked trash for days. Jim challenged Brad and beat him 10-1, at which point Brad stormed off, salty.
by Hanyo March 20, 2011
To get played or get sent
To be wrong about something
Yo, that bitch was supposed to get picked up at noon, after 2 hours of waitin she figured out she was salty.

1st guy Yo, 2 pac is from L.A.

2nd guy Man pac was from NYC fool!
3rd guy Yup, Pac was from the city. you salty as hell!!!
by SIZZLLIN March 02, 2011
when a bro ditches his friends for a girl
mark: where is jason?
chris: he went to go fuck holly
mark: he is so salty
by soufpaw8 January 09, 2011
any sensational pain either physical or emotional
oh shit, that cut looks salty

you are supposed to be my best friend but dating my girl was real salty
by LexieV January 03, 2011

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