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The little piece of skin that connects the penis to the balls.
she lighty tugged on his sail.
by Rockmjd23 October 04, 2003
A verb describing the act of taking a hit of marijuana.
Dude, pass the dutch, it's my turn to sail.
by Alexa Spring March 21, 2006
To all you dumb fucks who think it is sexual, it is a piece of material extended on a mast to catch the wind and propel a sail boat. Or as a verb it means to go sailing.
"Do you sail?"
"Yeah, I went sailing last weekend and came back soaked and tired."

"That dude has a giant sail on his sailboat!"
"Yeah, I bet that boat does great in regattas!"
by Ija Renrut December 09, 2013
the act of when a guy is skinny dipping and has boner then lays on his back so that his dick is out of the water and his dick acts like a sail of a ship
guy1: Dude i was skinny dipping yesterday and i saw cody sailing away like a pro
guy2: yeah thats the way to sail!
by codythegreek May 30, 2011
A male/female that is hot
Man that girl is sail
by Bludt May 04, 2009