Sack is derived from the term "sack of shit". It describes someone who is unworthy of even being filled the feces that would reside within a "sack of shit". It is usually used to describe a person who is extremely lazy or is performing an extremely lazy act.
Friend #1: "Hey man can you shut the lights off?"

Friend #2: "Sorry bro. Busy."

Friend #1: "Dude you're right next to them. Just reach over and shut them off."

Friend #2: "Man that's too far away. I'm busy."

Friend #1: "Busy doing what? You've been playing League of Legends and eating toaster waffles on my couch for six hours."

Friend #2: "Exactly. I'm busy."

Friend #1: "You're a fucking sack."
by Kflop Fats January 25, 2013
v. to like a lot or love
used heavily in the NoVa area.

- "I sack that girl from english class."
by weezyfbabyyyy November 06, 2008
A stretchy skin pouch used to house the testicles. Useful for storing a load until it can be squirted onto a girl's face. Especially if said girl likes the taste of ball sweat.
"hey babe, I heard you like salt and vinegar"
"lol ya it tastes like ball sweat"
"Wanna lick my sack while I jerk off and cum on your face"
"omg really? Will I get a fat load?
"yeah coz you're a dirty skank"
by skumliterati March 11, 2015
To like something.
To diggg it.
mainly used in northern virginia.
1) girl i sack your new top, it's so cute!
2) man that chick is sackin' me hardcore, she calls me everynight!
3) i know you sack her back!
by elz bellz November 03, 2007
this verb means to dump someone's bookbag out clean.
guy 1 "Hey, Jim left! sack him."

guy 2 (so guy 2 dumps everything out of Jim's bag)
by funnyman21224 July 30, 2010
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