1.(n) A piece of fabric one carries possessions in.
2.(n) The scrotum.
3.(v) To fire (end of employment)
1. "Hey, put those golf balls in the sack"
2. "Man, I just got hit really hard in the sack, I think I'm going to throw up."
3. "Man, since you suck, you are sacked!"
by Uccio June 12, 2008
Sack can be used in a number of ways:
1) to insult someone
2) to refer to balls
3) to describe a beating / misfortune
4) to subsitute the word 'shit'
1) dude, that guy is such a sack
2) lick my sack
3) that guy just got completely sacked by that crazy mofo
4) ohh sack that hurt
by ryan tanzi May 10, 2008
A sack is a high school prank. This is how its done.

Step 1: Grab someones bookbag.
Step 2: Empty out the bookbag.
Step 3: Turn the bookbag inside out.
Step 4: Put the books back in.
Step 5: Zip up the bag, and have the metal zipper holding things on the inside of the bag
Guy: haha, that kid just got sacked.

Guy 2: owned
by Ernesto 4 April 03, 2008
Verb, mainly Scottish. The act of hitting a man in the testicles.
to sack

''Shut it you slag, or I will sack you.''
by diegothehumanrocket April 23, 2006
One of the greatest past-times of all time. Also known as hacky sack. Probably invented by a bunch of stoners or perverts that thought it would be funny if they invented a game where you smack a sack around.
stoner 1: Hey man let's go play with your sack
stoner 2: Alright
by sinbad master October 15, 2005
testicles, balls, or nuts (pl.)
Mom, dad was looking at sacks on the computer!
by jawsh March 03, 2004
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