Verb, mainly Scottish. The act of hitting a man in the testicles.
to sack

''Shut it you slag, or I will sack you.''
by diegothehumanrocket April 23, 2006
1.(n) A piece of fabric one carries possessions in.
2.(n) The scrotum.
3.(v) To fire (end of employment)
1. "Hey, put those golf balls in the sack"
2. "Man, I just got hit really hard in the sack, I think I'm going to throw up."
3. "Man, since you suck, you are sacked!"
by Uccio June 12, 2008
One of the greatest past-times of all time. Also known as hacky sack. Probably invented by a bunch of stoners or perverts that thought it would be funny if they invented a game where you smack a sack around.
stoner 1: Hey man let's go play with your sack
stoner 2: Alright
by sinbad master October 15, 2005
testicles, balls, or nuts (pl.)
Mom, dad was looking at sacks on the computer!
by jawsh March 03, 2004
1. v. to hit one in the scrotum.
2. v. to fire, esp. from a job.
1. Keg has been sacked multiple times, once by a pumpkin.
2. Bob got sacked for leaving the cash register unattended on multiple occasions.
by Dain Kinkaide June 23, 2003
A stretchy skin pouch used to house the testicles. Useful for storing a load until it can be squirted onto a girl's face. Especially if said girl likes the taste of ball sweat.
"hey babe, I heard you like salt and vinegar"
"lol ya it tastes like ball sweat"
"Wanna lick my sack while I jerk off and cum on your face"
"omg really? Will I get a fat load?
"yeah coz you're a dirty skank"
by skumliterati March 11, 2015
Somebody who acts immature, lacks in banter and is generally an embarrassment to hang around with, due to this they tend to have no friends (other than sacks), it can also be said that sacks come in packs, as sacks tend to from groups of other sacks, having photo sessions where they take endless photos of themselves, then add them to facebook, or pretending to be drunk off one beer or a sip of wine! The list of sack activities are endless.
She had one wkd and told everyone she was mortal, what a fucking sack
by YELDEP June 18, 2011

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