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A sack is a high school prank. This is how its done.

Step 1: Grab someones bookbag.
Step 2: Empty out the bookbag.
Step 3: Turn the bookbag inside out.
Step 4: Put the books back in.
Step 5: Zip up the bag, and have the metal zipper holding things on the inside of the bag
Guy: haha, that kid just got sacked.

Guy 2: owned
by Ernesto 4 April 03, 2008
21 18
Verb, mainly Scottish. The act of hitting a man in the testicles.
to sack

''Shut it you slag, or I will sack you.''
by diegothehumanrocket April 23, 2006
29 26
testicles, balls, or nuts (pl.)
Mom, dad was looking at sacks on the computer!
by jawsh March 03, 2004
14 11
1. v. to hit one in the scrotum.
2. v. to fire, esp. from a job.
1. Keg has been sacked multiple times, once by a pumpkin.
2. Bob got sacked for leaving the cash register unattended on multiple occasions.
by Dain Kinkaide June 23, 2003
12 9
A humorous insult not particularly referring to anything with complete certainty. Could be referring to the male genitals or something else completely.
Hey, that kid Mark over there thinks he's pretty tough. What a sack!
by llamakicker April 04, 2011
14 12
an insult used frequently or as a light hearted diss to distract, "put-off", or annoy freinds and co workers. The word refers to a gentlemans scrotum.
from distance a freind is tuning a girl, you yell "sack!" as loudly as possible or "peter is a sack!". It is best used in a drive-by sense. Or when someone is about to snap to get maximum effect.
by kieran schulz January 14, 2009
5 3
v. to like a lot or love
used heavily in the NoVa area.

- "I sack that girl from english class."
by weezyfbabyyyy November 06, 2008
7 5