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A parody of YOLO, meaning: you only live twice. Or it can also mean, young overachieving lesbian teenagers.
Hey man, should i smoke this?
True, true.
by funnyman21224 June 27, 2012
A song from the band AC/DC.
Hey man, do you know the song Big Balls by AC/DC?
Yeah! It's hilarious!
by funnyman21224 July 30, 2010

Thanks to Snorg Tees.
Hey im a nerd.
Dude, that isnt something to be proud of
yes it is, im a never ending radical dude
by funnyman21224 August 05, 2010
Dude, are you gonna make that jump with your bike
i'll try
you gotta have the balls to do that
by funnyman21224 July 30, 2010
1.Nintendo DS, that can stand for Double screen, dual screen.

2. Dip shit

3.dog shit
1. Guy 2: hey did you get your new DS.
Guy 1: yeah, im lucky, it was the last one.

2. Guy 1: hey, dare me to PO (girl's name)
Guy2: Dude, don't be a ds, she has fellings too.

3. Guy 1 walking down street. (Squish sound): Oh! i just stepped in DS!
by funnyman21224 August 05, 2010
Short for "find". Used in texting.
i have 2 go now
Where r u going.
2 fnd my dog.
oh, well, ill c u tomorrow
by funnyman21224 August 04, 2010
This is when you had diarrhea earlier and then later you have the rumbles in your stomach. You go to the bathroom thinking you need to go, but you just fart.
Oh! Gotta go! *30 seconds later* Never mind, false diarrhea!
by funnyman21224 April 22, 2011
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