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An often derogative term for someone who is so sweet, it's (almost) annoying. Used for people who are overly-optimistic, unflinchingly-kind, and innocent to the point of disbelief that anything bad happens to the world.

Not to be confused with Saccharin, the artificial sweetener.
She's so saccharine, she almost gives me a toothache!
by bXr July 08, 2006
Insincere sweetness. A set of manners used as a tool of influence. An affectation of kindness and understanding for the purpose of manipulation to gain confidence and control over one or a group of people, but lacking in any true feeling or sincerity. Fake.
"She used her saccharine skills to sway the manager that her idea was better than the others."
by sacred clown September 13, 2013
A sugar substitute, found in Splenda, that tastes fucking nasty but my grandma loves the stuff.
Guy 1: Hey pass the Splenda!

Guy 2: Splenda? Man that stuff is nasty and full of saccharine!
by Strawberry sweetie 87 November 10, 2013
when men give a rub or rinse for their testicles. first used by cory holcomb in the show 'wild n out'
Alan Webb decided to give his saccharine after his long run
by hotasiansexymodelboy February 20, 2010
A beautiful girl that you met on your college campus, who is coy, yet as sweet as sugar.
At MIT Campus Preview Weekend, I met a saccharine and I couldn't stop thinking about her.
by Gabe April 24, 2004
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