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Artificial sweetener. The packet says it tastes like sugar, but it actually tastes like pencils.
Barista: Would you like some Splenda in your latte?

Customer: No! I freaking hate Splenda! It tastes like pencils! Why are you putting pencils in my latte?
by huntbastianist1 April 17, 2013
Fairly new artificial sweetener that some people think may be dangerous, but the Splenda people, of course, deny it.
What to do?
OMG what am I gonna do about my rash I got after eating splenda?
by Izzabehr April 10, 2005
artificial sweetner that tastes like crap

stop putting it in your diet drinks, Jones Soda co.!
diet jones sucks because it uses splenda
by dusty August 07, 2004
Word to describe your day or how you're feeling. Comes from the word splendid and splenda(the artificial sweetner). Instead of saying splendid, as in you had a nice day, say slpenda because it was almost good but not the real thing.
1. "How was you're day?"
"Meh. It was splenda."

2. You're days not bad but its not great..its splenda.
by Kali03 April 03, 2014
Someone who acts very sweet, but is actually faking it just to get attention
You're such a damn splenda, you fake bitch.
by Dmitriy March 18, 2008
used as a pet name for a thin girl.
I call her splenda because shes just as sweet, but zero the calories
by ethankman September 24, 2010
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