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Special air service.

The British SAS are the most elite, all powerful suppersoldiers on the plannet. At least ten times better trained than any other nations special forces. Equaled only by the British SBS.
EX 1: Tell an SAS man to fuck off and see what happens.

EX 2: The SAS went on a suicide mission last week, no casualties.
by PWRR November 17, 2006
A player in a FPS (Primarily "Call Of Duty".) Who runs around with a sub machine gun and does not aim but simply fires wildly hoping to make a kill.

Sprayers are often confused with sub-machine gunners, who use sub-machineguns but aim with them insted of firing wildly.

Sprayer is usually used as an insult however, most intellectual people know that everyone has their own style and most people that insult other styles are usually just pissed off because they have just been killed by someone of that style.
EX 1
Some noob: OMG get some skills you sprayer noob.

Me: I was aiming you knob.

EX 2
Some noob: Learn to use a rifle sprayer.

A sprayer: If you want a rifle only game then join one, otherwise stop complaining. You seem to want everyone to play the exact same style.

by PWRR November 14, 2006
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