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pronounced saa:

Is short for Samoan (Saa-moan).

Also used to describe anything with a Samoan flavor, ie Sareggae (Samoan Reggae) and Safro (Samoan Afro)
Toa: Hey man, are you Sa' ?
Guy: Nah man, im Tongan!
Toa: Oh cool ...
by FoBBSHizzLe September 15, 2005
pronounced saa-fro,

Is the Samoan version of the hairstyle commonly known as the "Afro".

Samoans are Polynesian, which is a mixed race of people, Asian/Black (Indo-Chinese/Papuan) from the Pacific. Many Samoans just have a "frizzy mop top" (long frizzy hair not tightly curled) but depending on how strong the Papuan bloodlines are, a Samoan may have a Safro, which can be likened to the peoples of Melanesia (which includes Fiji, Solomons and Papua New Guinea). However more recently the term has been used to also include the "frizzy mop top", which has become a "trade mark" of the Polynesian peoples, like they're love of food and eating.
Toa: Hey man, nice Afro!!
Toa2: Nah man, this here is my Safro!!
Toa: Oh cool, lets go get some KFC!!
by FoBBSHizzLe September 15, 2005

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