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Ryan is a common name that originated from Ireland and means "Little King". When you first look at a Ryan, you don't know what to expect. They're easy to approach and not shy at all. When I first met my Ryan, I made the mistake of not getting to know him. Don't worry if you have made the same mistake, because it's never too late with them. With a wonderful sense of humor, calming voice, and easy to talk to attitude, nobody is ever dissatisfied with a Ryan. A Ryan knows a good person when he meets them, and even though he cares for a lot of people, he will only let special people get to know him. I was special enough, and a Ryan let me in. I have never had somebody who shows their love for me like a Ryan does. Ryan makes me feel like I'm more than just a person on this planet. He's super sweet and adorable. They are always willing to talk, and without Ryan's warm comforting presence I'd be lost. Go find yourself a Ryan. They come in many different shapes and sizes, but no matter the package, they will always make you happy. <3
I love you Ryan, :3
by mycyanidegirl December 23, 2010
a really really great guy who can be SERIOUSLY cocky at times. he has great friends and a kick ass personality, but screws girls over a lot and leaves their hearts in the dust. a lot of girls never get over ryans. they have something about them. ryans play soccer, and have gorgeous green eyes, but their pupils are really big so you cant see them. ryan doesn't know how much he hurts people, but doesnt seem to see it. he also takes chinese. seems like he's never gotten hurt. needs a great girlfriend so he can learn to stop hooking up then leaving girls aching for him. ryan is one of my best friends and im really glad i know him. im also glad he hasnt screwed me over ;) id tell you to waste your time on this guy, because he's definitely worth fighting for.
tim: hey, whos that guy talking that girl up in chinese while juggling

ron: dude. thats ryan. where have you been?

tim: i wish i could roll like him man!
by irish for life March 07, 2010
The most amazing person you will ever meet. You'll be lucky to be his best friend. He's handsome, cute, has an amazing smile, and a great personality. He is always there for his friends. He will put a smile on your face when you are having a bad day or not. He is an attractive guy who loves music, and who is very athletic. Also, he is very protective. You will be even lucky to be the person he loves.
"I'm lucky I'm in love with my best friend..."
I love you Ryan. <3
by luckyninjaxD October 18, 2011
A Ryan is very attractive but usually burps a lot and waves it in your face. He also doesn't shave his face very often. Ryan's have muscular arms but they're very lazy and eat out a lot. Ryan's are usually very intelligent and musically inclined. Over all Ryan's are really really amazing boyfriends and they are always gentleman. A ryan knows how to treat a lady and they are good at picking out clothes and gifts. If you want a super awesome guy in your life, get a Ryan!

I love Ryan <3
Girl 1: Oh my goodness, is that guy a Ryan?
Girl 2: Of course! Did you hear that burp?!
by ThickMondays October 20, 2010
One of the hottest, funniest people you will ever meet. He sometimes can be a little awkward at first if he doesn't know a lot about girls. He'a freakin' awesome and a great dancer, even though he doesn't know it. Let me say it again: SUPER HOT. He is totally comfortable with his body. Uses Old Spice, he likes Fiji the best. He has amazing respect, and is modest. Extremely hilarious. He has the most beautiful, sexy eyes a boy could have, it's like he's looking right through you. You're lucky to be a part of his world. Overall, he just has a good heart.
Ryan: Your new best friend.
by igorman16 July 31, 2011
the name given to extremely hot boys inside movie theatres.
Friend: Ohmigawd, the ads were so long!
You: Yeah, I spent the whole time checking out this total Ryan.
by 7474betch December 05, 2010
Guy With a Giant Penis, very loving, awesome to hang out with, great sense of humor, and is a real ladies man
Ryan can get any chick in the bar
by zxcvbnm1234 April 28, 2011