An AMAZING guy with many friends; he is very loving of both his family and friends; has a great sense of humor. known to be quite uncoordinated and maybe called a spaz by some. Has brains. An attractively handsome boy who always smells nice; althletic and loves music. Any girl would be lucky to call Ryan hers.
Once you have Ryan as your friend, you would be stupid to let him go.
by byebyebear May 22, 2010
A man who is a crack-shot with any firearm, proficient with throwing knives and unarmed combat. This is also a serious bad ass who won't start the fight, but will sure as hell finish it. He has won every fight he ever fought. Ryan is a survivalist who is prepared for anything, be it nuclear attack, chemical/biological attack, anarchy, or brought on by the extremely unlikely occurrnce of zombies. He is a good friend who will back you up if your in a pickle, but do not piss him off, as he is dead serious and dosent soon forget. He knows the liberals are going to destroy society. A common quote: "Fuck the world, let it burn!"
-Man, I wish I had a friend like Ryan
-I sure don't want to get on Ryan's badside
by President of New Ireland May 10, 2010
the most amazing person ever. he can always make you laugh and uunderstands everything you say even if your having a bad day or being mean to him. your lucky if hes in your life because he makes you smile no matter what. his personality will make you fall for him and his looks are just bonuss. sweetest guy. dont let him go
a ryan
by my name written here. April 17, 2010
The most amazing guy in the world.

Usually blonde, sometimes brown hair.
You'll fall in love with him easily, and he'll usually have an amazing girlfriend. He tends to make relationship endings very unexpected, and leaves the girl totally heartbroken.
Usually brown eyes, sometimes blue.
Perfect female match would be Amber.
Amazing kisser.
That guy is such a Ryan, but hes with Amber.
by i cant do it ): December 29, 2009
a person that has a huge heart. loves women and long relationships. He loves going down on girls ;). Listens to good music. is a romantic lover. He's the kind of person you would lose your virginity to or even marry, because if you did that he would love you for the rest of his life. Once you find one don't let him go, hold him close, kiss him, and let him go down at you, because he is a god at giving girls oral ;). He'll always forgive you, because he cares. He's responsible, respectful, and will listen to you if you want to talk. don't ever let him go once you find him:)

oh my god i had a date with this guy, he's a true ryan. I think i love him.
oh my god i had a date with this guy, he's a true ryan. I think i love him.
by i am a ryan April 19, 2010
AMAZING in bed, great personality, very easy to get along with although difficult at times, honestly the best lover there is, it just doesn't get better than a Ryan.
You don't know what sex is until you have met Ryan.
by Melly14 October 18, 2010
If you want a guy that can make you orgasm than you must find yourself a Ryan!
18!! Multiple multiple orgasms!! Then you must find a Ryan!
by Melly14 October 18, 2010
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