I have read several of these comments posted on here and I found the site by searching "runescape ruins your life" in a search engine. Why? Because it has ruined my life and I wanted to know why.

I was introduced to it by my now "Ex-Girlfriend's" little brother. Why is she now my ex? A large proportion is to due to this game and the amount of time I spent playing it even when I didn't want to.

I am 23 yrs old, I had been playing it for 13 months, first it was little flutters, couple of hours here and there, and then it got serious. For example I would go out for a drink on a Saturday or Sunday night, get in at 3am, my girlfriend would go bed then I'd turn my computer on, select a busy world, relentlessly type "Buying Unids" through to 9am, get less than two hours sleep, then get up, do a couple of hours visiting people (whilst thinking about the game) then get home and log back on. That had turned into my normal routine (not necessarily the drinking).

The arguments that this caused between my girlfriend at the time were terrible and my attitude towards her was even worse, all because I wanted to creep up the high scores list..... Which is going to get me where? In this position, left ignoring my life gradually falling apart around me and having to deal the side affects it has on you and your relationships with the others around you.

I feel ashamed that it got this serious, and even more ashamed that I used to defend it to my family members. I didn't even admit I played it to my friends, because I knew that it was a pointless non-rewarding "activity" that I had difficulty in controlling.

There is no answer for my obsession with this game. Others have commented on this site about "Subliminal Messaging". My inclination is that Jagex is owned and managed by yet another individual who has mastered the art brainwashing/product selling. It has a way of taking over your own thoughts, making you think about runescape on a daily basis, and urges you to log in whenever it is possible. I don't have a PHD or know enough about Brain Washing to fully understand the concepts that it involves, but I do know that day by day my thinking patterns, my routine, my eating and sleeping habits were all affected by playing this game. It is not to say that I have a weak character and I am in no way implying that you/your child or friend does if you/they play.

Jagex are masterminds. They have to be to have over 1m paying members, and around 10m free members (the last time I heard). How can a simple game control so many individuals from so many backgrounds?

I'm not a fat recluse aged 7-12, I'm not living in my mums basement, I am self employed and work hard in a competitive environment, and I have a strong social circle, It got me... And it certainly got my relationship. I usually proud myself in being a strong minded individual but on this occasion I have been beaten.

I did the whole "I'm quitting" thing the other day that everyone seems to think on here is sad, it's not. It's actually a very liberating experience, I kept it low key and I just told one person on my friend list. I gave them every tradable item I could, everything. What did they say to me? "Omg!Ty! u dnt knw how much dis means 2me! u rlly dnt!!!".


I am now as bad as Jagex. I have fed this young lad's addiction (My Ex's brothers friend). I have given him enough resources to potentially waste about 8 months of his life, and provide Jagex with £25.60 GBP, I know because I worked it out. Guilt is not the word.

If you play runescape, your child plays runescape or your friends do and you have read the definitions on this site then open your eyes and understand what everyone is trying to communicate to you. Runescape is a serious health hazard. If you don't play it then don't start. If you do, then stop. If you can see it affecting somebody you know direct them to this site.

Do not just take my advice, read other definitions left here by other people. People just don't write these things to pass time, like me they have become trapped in a world that does you no favours at all, and they feel they need to tell others to get out it while they can, as I am doing.

I alone can't advise you, I'm not special, and I can't "tele" you to "cammy", but what I can do is advise you to keep reading the advice left on this site, get a grip back on your life and stop sellin "Duel Rings" for 5k a piece..... It will get you no where, and will only cause you problems.

Who knows, people may be able to limit there playing time to a few hours a week or just when they are bored, if they can then they are fortunate.

Take a good look at this site and re-gain control.

The ridiculous amounts of time people (and I have done it) spend on a PC/Laptop could be much better spent. There is more to life than obsessivly pointing and clicking a contraption formerly reffered to as a "Mouse" to reach illusional goals that will not change a thing in your life.

Start living again you noob.
The example is under every Defination of "Runescape" on this site. Stop playing. If you are a parent, stop your child from playing. Now.
by Cotton Flava (RS username) August 03, 2007
MMORPG in which the user must make his avatar perform difficult and/or borring tasks. eg. dragonslaying, mining 10,000 coal, fishing trout, ect. again and again and again. often captures the user soul with its mind captivating powers. almost as addicting as crack, heroine and acid....... put together. CBC has started running adds to warn children of the dangers of playing runescape. The surgeon general is currently formulating a warning that will be desplayed on all runescape site and parafanalia.
Scene- mother and son in car driving down the road.....
30 secounds pass.
"another missed oppurtunity to talk to your kids about runescape."
by matt May 05, 2005
that game you play when nobody is on xbox live and you're waiting for them to get home. Usually this game is fun for a few weeks, then you get bored of it for a while. After some time though, you come back to play it. You always come back. Then you'll play for an hour and realize it is not fun and go play xbox again.

Though you may think you are finished with runescape, you will come back. No matter how hard you try, you will come back.
"Hmm. Nobody is on Halo, guess ill play runescape until somebody gets home."
by wambulance May 17, 2009
Where my social life went to die.
Example 1-
Bob: Hey, we're all going to the pool. Want to come?
Me: No, I need to get 99 wc.
Bob: Huh?
Me: Level 99 woodcutting. Believe me, it's important.
Bob: How long will that take?
Me: Well, a couple months overall. I'm in my sixth week of training, so it shouldn't be too long now if I keep playing at 10 hours a day.
Bob: *flees the vicinity*

Example 2-
Jane: Hey, what are you doing?
Me: Playing RuneScape.
Jane: Nerd.
Me: Noob.
by Enigmatical April 06, 2010
A large MMORPG game with the qualities of the following.


It's an addictive, pointless game. I used to play it basically 24/7 so take this from someone with experience, DON'T PLAY THIS GAME. Even 'trying it out' can ghave devastating effects, I was just 'trying it out' and it led to about one year of pure Runescape, forgetting this thing called a life.

It's an MMORPG, that takes you and just doesn't let you go... except unlike other MMORPGs, this is in a bad way.
Friend: You coming out to that party tonight?
You (Before Runescape): Yeah, sounds cool.

Friend: You coming out to that party tonight?
You (After Runescape): Nah, I have.... stuff... to do.
by Josherific October 07, 2005
Runescape is a game that just sucks up your soul and spits it out as a nerd version of yourself with no life. Too many imature 12 year olds playing, also geeks, people with no lives...and if you click the "down" button, that just proves my point. For all the people that think Runescape is an old laggy java game with too many imature middle schoolers, and click the "up" button, I pronounce you as 1338...
Runescape is:

12 year old = "Hey can I have your armor?"
26 year old (very sad eh? but it happens)= "No! My gold crested.true warrior rune armor is worth way too much!"
12 year old = "Please?"
26 year old = "No."
12 year old = "OMG you stupid f***!!! IM going to reprot you!"
by RS Got Old June 26, 2007
A game whose player population is 70% noobs, 15% high leveled nerds, 10% total jerks, 4% bots, and 1% other. What follows is a sampling of these clever and charming individuals in action.
Pillow014: Give me money or i report u
Tommyboy12: Where Varrock
Microosoft: Ned gf plz
Frosthelix: Ahaha you all noobs I pwn all of you
Frosthelix: Noobs
Frosthelix: Noobs
Frosthelix: Noobs
Under9000: Frost stfu
Microosoft: Will u my my gf
1xzf34mt: ----go to FREEGP.COM now!---
Foxygurl77: No, soz
Microosoft: Y not
1xzf34mt: ----go to FREEGP.COM now!---
1xzf34mt: ----go to FREEGP.COM now!---
Bigdaddy13: Dancing for runescape money
Foxygurl77: Because im a guy
Frosthelix: Haha bigdaddy is a noob
1xzf34mt: ----go to FREEGP.COM now!---
Microosoft: Ewwwwwww
Bigdaddy13: No Im not, I pwn you on my main
by Enigmatical April 11, 2010
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