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Let me put it this way.
I pressed random on urban dictionary, and it led me to this.
I hadn't played in THREE YEARS. I had forgotten about RuneScape. And then I spent seven hours straight playing yesterday.
It's like...drugs.
I forgot to eat because I was playing RuneScape.
by Izzabehr January 16, 2007
Popularized by Jack Skellington from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas, but also used in place of skeleton as seen in Scarygoround, a webcomic by John Allison.
Yikes, I just saw a walking skellington!
by Izzabehr September 03, 2005
A suburb in Texas, Northwest of Houston.
So much construction it's not right.
I live in Cypress, it sucks. It's all about image.
by Izzabehr November 26, 2004
Fairly new artificial sweetener that some people think may be dangerous, but the Splenda people, of course, deny it.
What to do?
OMG what am I gonna do about my rash I got after eating splenda?
by Izzabehr April 10, 2005
A mixture of spiffy, spectacular, and fabulous!
Oh, my Lourdes! That was a spifftaculous musical!
by Izzabehr August 18, 2005
As opposed to "Oh, my Lord," we shall praise both the city in France and Madonna's daughter.
Oh, my Lourdes, you gave me a fright!
by Izzabehr August 18, 2005
verb. To sneak around quietly and sneaky-like.
Me: I will stealth like a ninja!
by Izzabehr December 06, 2004
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