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A widely known MMORPG created by Andrew Gower and Jagex with over 9 million players worldwide. 800,000 of the players have membership and pay roughly 5 dollars a month to gain access to much more than non-paying players can. You control a character in a medieval realm and try to advance skills (woodcutting, mining, magic, you get the idea.). There are quests to complete as well, ranging in difficulty and stupidity. Unlike other games, you can only play as a human, beginning at level three combat and can eventually become the highest possible, level 126.
The game is contantly frowned upon by many because of its poor graphics, amount of lag, and requiring simply clicking on random objects to achieve goals. It is also described as being HIGHLY ADDICTIVE, and can steal your life away fairly quickly. My advice: Never play if you haven't yet, you are the lucky ones. If you do play, have LIMITS! No more than three hours per day. Even that is too much. Always hang out with friends or go to a party (if given the chance) rather than runescape. Play when there is absolutely nothing to do. I play runescape, I follow my rules, and I like my life. I am an adept hockey player, one of the few who have had a 4.0 for many years in school, a golfer, a guitarist, and party enthusiast (involving crazy sex and jackassness). Overall, Runescape can be a rewarding experience when it is your last resort for something to do.
"Hey dude, let's go to the party at JJ's!"
"Sounds cool. I'm getting off runescape right now."
"Sure, I'll be waiting by the car."
by LoomisSchecter June 01, 2007
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