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What people say when things are, in fact, too late to change. Supposedly a moral booster. In reality it just makes you feel shitty.
Person 1: I think it's too late in life to start a business
Person 2: It's never too late!
Person 1: No, it's too late right now, you fucker.
#fine #okay #turn it around #love #crap
by Stickabutta May 03, 2007
A Grate Song By The Rock Band Three Days Grace But The Song Has Criticism Because Of The Suicidal Theme To The Song
Even If I Say It Will Be Alright Still I Hear You Say You Want To End Your Life Now And Again We Try To Just Stay Alive Maybe We'll Turn It All Around Cause Its Not To Late Its Never Too Late
#one-x #three days grace #suicide #suicidal #suicidal thoughts #criticism
by CaffeineHead92 May 08, 2010
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