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A game whose player population is 70% noobs, 15% high leveled nerds, 10% total jerks, 4% bots, and 1% other. What follows is a sampling of these clever and charming individuals in action.
Pillow014: Give me money or i report u
Tommyboy12: Where Varrock
Microosoft: Ned gf plz
Frosthelix: Ahaha you all noobs I pwn all of you
Frosthelix: Noobs
Frosthelix: Noobs
Frosthelix: Noobs
Under9000: Frost stfu
Microosoft: Will u my my gf
1xzf34mt: ----go to FREEGP.COM now!---
Foxygurl77: No, soz
Microosoft: Y not
1xzf34mt: ----go to FREEGP.COM now!---
1xzf34mt: ----go to FREEGP.COM now!---
Bigdaddy13: Dancing for runescape money
Foxygurl77: Because im a guy
Frosthelix: Haha bigdaddy is a noob
1xzf34mt: ----go to FREEGP.COM now!---
Microosoft: Ewwwwwww
Bigdaddy13: No Im not, I pwn you on my main
by Enigmatical April 11, 2010
256 80
A extremly popular online multiplayer game, with over 100,000 people playing at the same time.

The game once had a good and kind society but is now over run by overwieght 12 year olds and will eventually die due too lack of intrest.

runescape the massive multiplayer online game
by mattyb3 September 28, 2005
382 207
"Run" and "escape" from this bad game, lol!
Runescape is for a baby or a pig to play, it is the most of gay things for playing, very nice!
by Zorque July 31, 2008
293 143
From my 5 year experience playing runescape.
This was the only happiness i got from life, ever since my friend introduced me to runescape, i was hooked, had trouble with school, got fired from work, problems with family, friends hated me. Basically thats what runescape did for me while i played it, even though i was extreme top player, it ruined my life.
And take my word of advice, do not start this game, if you do you will fall into an endless black hole that will swallow you and not let go. It will addict you for long time.
Through much effort and help of my friends, i have finally gotten off this game, and is basically now game free, and off to enjoy the best of life and what it has to offer.
runescape is very addictive do not even try to play it. it will ruin your life.
by crimofthis November 25, 2006
293 141
Ok where do i start...
Well all i have to say about this fucking game is that it will steal your soul and rape it. Its full of 30 year old nerds living in their mom's basement. This god damn game stole about 4 months out of my life! I EVEN WANTED TO STOP PLAYING THIS GAME AND GO OUTSIDE BUT I JUST WOULD FREAKING MOVE!!! FUCK!!! Im telling you watever you do DONT PLAY THIS FUCKING GAME! You will turn into a loser and you just wont do anthing. My god. because of this game, i procrastined my freakin homework off to midnight cause of this damn game and STAYED UP TO 4 IN THE MORNING FOR A WEEK! (This happened twice cause of this fuckin game) This game may be addicting, but think about it, everyone who plays this is a nerd, your soul will be stolen and raped, your grades will plummet, you will have no life, and you will become a nerd and a loser. This happened to me (except becomin a nerd and loser). TAKE MY ADVICE! DESTROY YOUR ACCOUNT IF YOU HAVE ONE AND NEVER THINK ABOUT RUNESCAPE AGAIN!! You will want to shoot yourself because of what runecape does to you.
runescape addict: yo i just gained 50 lvls and my charcter is amazing now! all rite!!!
absolute silence.... Theres no one in his mom's basement to hear him and everyone hates him anyways cause he's a nerd and a loser. No one would listen to him anyways.
The next day this guy kills himself because runescape has destroyed all his dreams of becoming something great. All colleges that he applied to bitch slapped him and told him to get a life. After this, he had no choice but to end his life because he had no life to begin with.....
by suckering suckitash May 01, 2006
490 347
Imagine this:
You do something.
You do it again.
You do it again.
You do it again.
You do it again.
You get the picture. The most repetitive game on the Internet, you just do the same thing again and again and again and...
You start playing it as a normal person, but eventually you have no life and no friends.. well, no friends that you've actually met anyway.
Billy had a life.
Billy discovered Runescape.
Billy's life got pwnt by Runescape.
by Nosely J April 30, 2006
242 103
A game with addictive gameplay to some. To others (me) its just plain out boring. I really don't see whats so entertaining about doing the same thing over and over and over again. To some people thats their whole life. Same go's for Counter Strike.
Clint: So Brian, What did you do this weekend?

Brian: Well, Saturday i spent all day playing Runescape. Then i drank a can of bawls so i could stay up all night to play runescape. Then i spent all sunday playing. My girlfriend IMed me but i blocked her because i to busy playing Runescape to talk to her.
by iwannabeanalcoholic May 21, 2005
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