The act of performing oral sex on a woman who's on the rag.
X: Did you see Dave's face this morning? He looked like someone force-fed him a kitten through a meat grinder.
Y: He didn't realize his gf was bleeding and ended up rudolphing her.
by m4dn3zz June 20, 2010
Top Definition
The act of rimming a woman whilst she is on her period, typically with the males head in between her legs and his tongue curving underneath to around her anus. To get close enough, it is generally required for the males nose to insert itself slightly into the womans vagina.
Woman: "You can't do that, I'm bleeding"
Man: "It's ok. I don't mind a bit of Rudolphing"
by The Big Chunky October 21, 2013
When one does not tell her partner it is the time of the month and allows him to go down on her.
by Becky Bastard November 28, 2013
The act of a woman placing her period blood onto her partners face with them knowing.
"Did you hear about Johnny?" "He got fucked up and Christine gave him a major Rudolphing"
by santaslittlereindeer December 09, 2014
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