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Hick, redneck, 'an unsophisticated countryman' in Canadian and US slang
'hey, rube!' - Hunter Thompsons ESPN column
by Biggus Willus January 06, 2003
An unsophisticated hick or bumpkin.
What sort of country-fried rube writes this slop?
by ...hellno February 19, 2004
Idoit, mark, stupid, person who is easily fooled, target of con or scam
So who is the rube for our new scam?
by simonspectacular October 22, 2006
A person who is square.
The rubes dont get it, but we do.
by dsouth_102 February 11, 2008
A term used by used by carnies to describe an disgruntled outsider (usually a small town local) who is no longer fooled and has realized he is being scammed by a rigged game.
"I think this Rube is wise to us."
by TZer0 August 26, 2009
Any Oakland Raider fan.
The rube slammed his fist into the wall of his trailer as the Chiefs once again defeated the Chokeland Faders
by Go screw yourself August 23, 2013
Un-intelligent lacking in class, a rube is an Idiotic person who is easily fooled, target of con or scam. Most commonly identified as one THADEUS WEINTZEN OF ARLINGTON VIRGINIA. Rube's will occasionally call others :rube" to deflect embarrassment and ridicule from oneself in a vain attempt to be accepted by society.
Gosh darn thaddeus is a RUBE
by Jack of the Islands January 24, 2011

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