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mispronunciation of birthday, used by those who talk like they have a load of shit in their mouths
Yo yo yo, it mah birfday! Less go git some taco bre, hamburger meat, an some Slice!
by crash December 05, 2003
An African American word for birthday.
Natasha gave birf to her 3rd child on her 17th birfday.
by Maxwell January 18, 2005
The ghetto version of "birthday"
Why you sleepin wif so many hoes on my birfday?
#ho #stanky #stoopid #ghetto #gym
by bbw965 June 02, 2010
It is now used on the Internet and everywhere instead of the actual word 'Birthday'
I guess they say it cause it sounds better

birfday = birthday
-Happy Birfday bob :)

-Tomorrow is my Birfday
#birfday #birthday #bday #birth #birtday
by Gorillafart June 15, 2009
The way some uneducated black people pronouce the english word "birthday".
yo its mah birfday dawg u kno wat im sayin
by Freakasync April 12, 2005
The best way ever to represent someone's date of birth.
Happy Birfday Kori!
#birthday #cake #awesomeness #jesus #more cake
by matballking March 30, 2011
A day of celebration of one's birth. Invented by a child, used by adults because it is just better to be birfed than birthed.
Because, it's your birfday and you can say it anyway you want too.
Yo' Happy Birfday, man.
Go girl, it's your Birfday!
#birthday #birth #day #celebration #celebrate
by Urbanarly June 01, 2014
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