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An unsophisticated hick or bumpkin.
What sort of country-fried rube writes this slop?
by ...hellno February 19, 2004
A place where all the major countries have bases. Jobs feature everything from marine biologists to janitors (someone has to clean up). As well as firefighters (mainly because everything runs on highly flammable jet fuel that won't freeze).
It's so cold in Antarctica, my nuts broke off.
by ...hellno November 07, 2003
What you say after you insult someone.
Your mom is a whore. BA-ZING!
by ...hellno November 07, 2003
An excellent system that losers bash because they think that photo realistic graphics make a console good.
Games that have good graphics but lack everything aren't on Playstation 2.
by ...hellno November 07, 2003
An incredibly comfortable and warm coat that reaches down near the ankles, thus making the person look badass and more sophisticated than the next person. Nobody wears them because they aren't "street" enough (you can't skateboard in them...big deal).
I love my trenchcoat
by ...hellno February 19, 2004

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