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-what a penis can look like when it is "shaven"
-another name for a penis
jojo: "did i tell you what michael said to me while we were hooking up?!"
demi: "no! what did he say!?!"
jojo: "he told her he felt bad because it looked like a rubber chicken..."
by HB LOVER March 08, 2011
41 13
Any number of chicken-based dishes, usually drowned in sauce, and commonly served at a buffet or high-volume serving (such as a wedding or conference) where the chicken is overcooked, dry, and . . . rubbery.
The keynote speaker at the business conference was inspirational, but the rubber chicken lunch made me gag.
by Hey Now 415 March 10, 2005
28 10
A chicken that is made out of rubber.
Person: "I ate my real chicken so I bought a chicken made out of rubber also known as a rubber chicken."
by Evil October 18, 2003
41 27
Weed, AKA "God's gift to the world"
John got some rubberchicken so we are all set.
by BazookaKilla June 19, 2011
16 9
In the game NetHack, slang for "cockatrice corpse."
On my last ascension I totally raped the Astral Plane with my wished-for rubber chicken
by inductor August 30, 2007
10 11