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Cockatrice aka Basilisk, a reptilian bird creature, supposedly from a snake raping a chicken. Either total fantasy, or some micro-dinosaur leftover that was still around during recorded history, but died out between 500 and 2500 years ago.
Legend says that to look at a cockatrice directly would cause one to turn to stone. Only weasels and ferrets are immune to their stare and could kill them. However, a person could look at a cockatrice's shadow or reflection and kill it with a sword, arrow, or anything that could else that could kill a snake or a rooster.
by Jill Gibb, ferretor June 24, 2006
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When a woman gives it to 3 guys at the same time.
Sally left the bar with the Cummings triplets, and Bob C' said they gave her a Cockatrice!
by Peter Crammer May 02, 2006
a dragon type creature, small in size,posessing the head of a rooster, a serphant like tail, and the power to urn you to stone if you looked it in the eye. AKA Basilisk
That cockatrice is up to no good again.
by Light Joker April 20, 2004
a cock cubed, a cock that is greater than a doublecock. These 'creatures' can often be found on ancient murals and artwork. If you are lucky enough you may come across one in your daily life!
That cock is cubed!
Oh look, it's a cockatrice!
by barnfunkle April 01, 2008
One that could be defined by the essence of Zach Hartman.

Or Buddy Cianci, yeah, that too.
Dude, you're a cockatrice.
by asdasd September 15, 2004

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