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v: To rock, or be otherwise good.
v: To defeat, usually in an online FPS.
v: An exclamation of happiness.
(alt. r0xx0r)
"I will roxxor j00!"
by JiaXue September 15, 2003
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roxxors means something is great to the point of being overly excited about it.
OMG WTF!!!!1one Half-Life 2 roxxors my boxxors teh big 0ne!!
by Mint January 15, 2005
to be really good or uber (see uber)
Nils Roxxors my Boxxors
by fitz February 03, 2003
It rocks.
See owns, pwns.
Joo roxxor dood.
by rezzix November 13, 2002
Something really cool or awesome. It either originated from someone really cool themself or from a teeny bopper.
"That roxxorz, man!"
"tHaT +OtTaLlY roXXorZ!"
by Nanaki BH July 21, 2004
ROXXORS (noun).

In the act of rocking.
You are teh roxxors!
by The All-Knower December 28, 2004

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