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Someone who claims to be of higher intelligence than others, understands the finer thing in life, and generally deems themself a higher being than most others; they often refer to the 'lesser beings' as peasant or philistines. In simple terms, snobs are wankers.
She's such a fucking snob.
by Fitz September 29, 2003
when your so ripped that you find daytime television entertaining
whoaa check that guy out hes as high as nigga pie
by Fitz October 09, 2003
A frigid bitch, who knows she is a bitch, and refuses to change.
Yo, shes such a super hardcore mega bitch, and she knows it.
by Fitz April 09, 2003
THE most amazing band to have ever existed, full stop. You can have your Beatles, and Rolling Stones, and Led Zep, and Nirvana, al the bands that normally come up when the question 'dude, who is the greatest band ever?' comes up, but Alice kick all their asses. RIP Layne, Rock on forever.
"Dude, why do Alice In Chains rock so fucking much?"
by Fitz May 31, 2004
to be really good or uber (see uber)
Nils Roxxors my Boxxors
by fitz February 03, 2003
When a man is smoking a cigarette or cigar and his behind his bitch engaging in doggy style sex. While performing intercourse the man ashes his cigarette and puts the cigarette out on his bitch's back upon completion of ejaculation.
I am going to ash on your back just like your daddy did back in the day, bitch!
by fitz January 16, 2005
1)person or thing with traits that of a dinosaur and a monster.
2)person with crazy demeanor.
when sally saw todd kissing jessica she started throwing chairs and biting strangers. man, she was acting like a real crazaur.
by Fitz April 07, 2004
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