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From the popular "Artimis Fowl" series. Magical being's curse word; possibly shit or fuck.
"D'Arvit Colin! You're done it again!"

"D'Arvit! There are rabid badgers blocking our path..."
by bAitEn_kAitOs July 23, 2005
Say you're exclaming the amount of....hotdogs or something at a BBQ.
The appropiate use of words would go something like this :

Whoa! Mondo doggage!

The Exclimation of a strong feeling or sight.
When used for happiness..:

Yes! I scored mondo wellage on that english test!

When used as a cry of alarm..:

"Holy Shit! Mondo fireage! Mondo deadage!"

And when used as a cat call..:

"woot woot baby! Mondo boobage!"
by bAitEn_kAitOs July 23, 2005
for something to be very cool or excellent... a great compliment..

no sexual implications unless indicated by the pharse.
"Hey Izzy! You Roxxors my Boxxors!"

"Madame Machado...that test you gave was so easy! I Roxxored it's Boxxors"

sexual use :

"Yeah baby....I want you to Roxxors my Boxxors...."
by bAitEn_kAitOs July 23, 2005
To accuse someone of falsetruths.
Street version of Bullshit.

Can also be abbriviated to "Bo' shiz" , should the time be appropiate.
*while playing card game 'cheat' "
"Bo' Shizze Mandy! I saw that!"


"Oh shut up colin, that's a load a bo' shizz if I ever heard one!"
by bAitEn_kAitOs July 23, 2005

Can be used as an adjective OR noun.

"Fratcake". To be stupid, frustrating, uncool.

less offencive word derived from : Fuckface.

Canadian origin.
"Dammit Colin! Why Do you have to be such a damn fratcake?!"

"Jesus.....that girl looks like SUCH a fratcake in her dress....ew.."
by bAitEn_kAitOs July 23, 2005

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