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A person, usually female, who is addicted to sex.
Dang she wants it all the time, I can't do her enough. What a nympho!
by rezzix December 08, 2002
A widely overused number in Internet Screen names. Second only to 420 in number popularity.
sk8terboi69: my nick rocks!
llamasRfun69420: my nicks pwns you!
by rezzix November 14, 2002
alt. kweerbait.
A guy who naturally attracts gay men, but is not necessarily gay.
That dood with the pink Nikes is such a queerbait.
by rezzix November 14, 2002
First person shooter.
Doom is a fps.
by rezzix November 13, 2002
It rocks.
See owns, pwns.
Joo roxxor dood.
by rezzix November 13, 2002
Hardcore term for savages.
Those putos who jacked Cynthia are such savs. Let's gank them!
by rezzix November 14, 2002
When you're so broke in college that you have to cut your own hair or your buddy's hair in a shower stall. Sometimes might be seen as a homosexual activity.
Let's get ihaircuts instead of Super Cuts so we can get that keg for Friday. Woot!
by rezzix July 27, 2005

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